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Get the results of your event to the people that want them, when they want them.

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Receive event standings, times and estimates on your cell phone or in your Email.

Key Benefits

bulletKnow when/if someone has finished or is expected to finish a race.
bulletEstimate where they are on the course.
bulletKnow when they have crossed a checkpoint (split).
     Know when to leave the bar and meet your family or friends at the finish line!


Automatically as it happens
Receive a Text Message whenever someone crosses a checkpoint.
Send a message to our result server and get a reply with the most recent information.
Our server can send a message to you at pre-determined intervals from 5 to 60 minutes. The message will contain the most recent information we have.
Cell Phone or Email 
Receive updates on your cell phone (SMS TEXT) or in your Email.

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